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the iRacing World Championship Grand prix Series?

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In 2018, the team will participate in various world wide races, as well as stand-alone events, in both Formula 1 and regular GT car classes.

iRacing World Championship Grand prix Series

Round 1March 17thInterlagosFinished/Watch Archive
Round 2March 31stPhillip IslandFinished/Watch Archive
Round 3April 14thCircuit Gilles VelleneuveFinished/Watch Archive
Round 4April 28thRoad AmericaFinished/Watch Archive
Round 5May 12thMonzaFinished/Watch Archive
Round 6June 2ndWatkins GlenFinished/Watch Archive
Round 7June 16thSilverstoneFinished/Watch Archive
Round 8July 7thImolaFinished/Watch Archive
Round 9July 21stZandvoortFinished/Watch Archive
Round 10August 25thIndianapolisFinished/Watch Archive
Round11September 9thSuzukaFinished/Watch Archive
Round 12September 22ndNurburgringFinished/Watch Archive
Round 13October 6thSpaFinished/Watch Archive
Round 14October 20thCircuit of the AmericasFinished/Watch Archive

Would you like to watch McLaren Shadow MP430 Qualifying?

Please check out the calendar below


McLarenShadow MP430 Qualifying

Round 1August 5th - 21:00MontrealFinished/Watch Archive
Round 2August 12th - 21:00NurburgringFinished/Watch Archive
Round 3August 19th - 21:00MonzaFinished/Watch Archive
Round 4August 26th - 21:00SpaFinished/Watch Archive
Round 5October 2nd - 21:00InterlagosFinished/Watch Archive

McLarenShadow MP4-12C GT3 Qualifying

Round 1September 16th - 21:00 CETBrand HatchFinished/Watch Archive
Round 2September 23th - 21:00 CETCircuit ZolderFinished/Watch Archive
Round 3September 30th - 21:00 CETCircuit of the AmericasFinished/Watch Archive
Round 4October 7th - 21:00 CETImolaFinished/Watch Archive
Round 5October 14th - 21:00 CETSuzukaFinished/Watch Archive

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GTR24Hours World Endurance Championship

The world's largest LAN Sim-racing race

40 teams from all over the world gather in Denmark

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