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In 2018, the team will participate in various world wide races, as well as stand-alone events, in both Formula 1 and regular GT car classes.

iRacing World Championship Grand prix Series

Round 1March 17thInterlagosFinished/Watch Archive
Round 2March 31stPhillip IslandFinished/Watch Archive
Round 3April 14thCircuit Gilles VelleneuveFinished/Watch Archive
Round 4April 28thRoad AmericaFinished/Watch Archive
Round 5May 12thMonzaFinished/Watch Archive
Round 6June 2ndWatkins GlenFinished/Watch Archive
Round 7June 16thSilverstoneFinished/Watch Archive
Round 8July 7thImolaFinished/Watch Archive
Round 9July 21stZandvoortFinished/Watch Archive
Round 10August 25thIndianapolisFinished/Watch Archive
Round11September 9thSuzukaPostponed
Round 12September 22ndNurburgringComing soon
Round 13October 6thSpaComing soon
Round 14October 20thCircuit of the AmericasComing soon

Would you like to watch McLaren Shadow MP430 Qualifying?

Please check out the below Calendar


McLarenShadow MP430 Qualifying

Round 1August 5th - 21:00MontrealFinished/Watch Archive
Round 2August 12th - 21:00NurburgringFinished/Watch Archive
Round 3August 19th - 21:00MonzaFinished/Watch Archive
Round 4August 26th - 21:00SpaFinished/Watch Archive
Round 5October 2nd - 21:00Interlagos Finished/Watch Archive

McLarenShadow MP4-12C GT3 Qualifying

Round 1September 16th - 21:00 CETBrand HatchFinished/Watch Archive
Round 2September 23th - 21:00 CETCircuit ZolderComing soon
Round 3September 30th - 21:00 CETCircuit of the AmericasComing soon
Round 4October 7th - 21:00 CETImolaComing soon
Round 5October 14th - 21:00 CETSuzukaComing soon

rFactor 2

GTR24Hours World Endurance Championship

The world's largest LAN Sim-racing race

40 teams from all over the world gather in Denmark

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